Promat offers you a complete range of products and systems to design and build the passive fire protection solution you need. All our solutions are fully certified and tested. Do you need help to make the right choice? Don't hesitate to contact our technical sales team for expert advice. 


Promat offers a full range of products for passive fire protection.


The world's leading producer of calcium silicate based on PROMAXON® (patented technology), Promat produces one of the most complete and efficient ranges of boards on the market. The manufacturing process and the formulation change according to the factories in order to produce plates adapted to each market and each application.

All Promat boards combine a number of features that set them apart from other building materials:

  • Non-combustible and very fire resistant
  • Thermal insulator thanks to its endothermic reaction
  • Resistant to humidity and impact
  • Stability over time
  • Easy installation
  • Respect for the health of installers and users


Spray Coatings

A pasty coating is a spray coating made of powder mixed with water using a machine to produce a paste. This paste is conveyed into a pipe into which compressed air is also injected, making it possible to spray the product at the outlet of the pipe. Promat produces plaster-based coatings, PROMASPAY®-P300 and cement, PROMASPRAY®-C450, which allow these coatings to be used to protect steel, concrete or wood structures against fire.

Fire Stopping

Installation of a firestop system is crucial to maintain the fire resistance of a fire separation that has openings (service penetrations, open cavities or joints) that could allow fire or hot smoke to pass to any other part of the building. Effective fire-stopping in fire resisting separating elements plays a critical role in containing a fire at its source. It is essential that all openings and gaps are fire-stopped to restrict fire spread

Promat provides several integrated and effective fire stopping solutions, including the successful and easy to install PROMASTOP® and PROMASEAL® systems. All the Promat systems and products are certified for high fire-resistant rating, are conform to the main international standards and have proven durability.

Adhesives & Finishing

In order to ensure the performance of its systems, Promat offers a wide range of glue and coating which, combined with the range of Promat sheets, guarantee the fire resistance and durability performance of the systems.


Promat offers 2 ranges of glazing products, based upon unique technologies,  with high-quality passive fire protection performance:

Promat-SYSTEMGLAS and PROMAGLAS come from a technology approved and recognized for many years: a glazing composed of floats of laminated glass, assembled by layers of intumescent gel which abound in the event of fire. The number of floats and the thickness of the glass influence the fire performance (EI 30 to EI 90) *.

The Promat-SYSTEMGLAS F1 and PROMAGLAS F1 glazing systems benefit from their own technology: glazings composed of two safety toughened glasses, maintained by a spreader, with a layer of thermo-reactive gel in the centre. The thickness of the gel will vary depending on the duration of fire resistance (up to EI 120)*. The heat-reactive gel used is insensitive to humidity and U.V. Used especially for larger volumes.

Promat also offers accessories such as silicones, tapes, frames, blocks, brackets

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