Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

We are the leading expert in Concentrated Solar Power, providing a complete range of  fireproofing and insulation products and solutions, as well as engineering services. Our integrated systems guarantee a high-quality output, improve energy and operational efficiency and enhance safety at your plant.

All our products and solutions are designed to meet the most rigorous service requirements. They require low maintenance, deliver time-cost optimization and offer the best possible protection for any CSP technology; parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collectors, towers and solar disks.

A selection of our applications:
Receivers, transformers, cable trays, piping and pipe supports, oven boxes, valves, ball joint and rotary joint assemblies, hot and cold molten salt storage tanks.

Fuel Cells

Our thermal insulation solutions for residential and industrial fuel cells minimize heat loss, improve process efficiency and ensure full design flexibility. Our ultra-thin and lightweight insulation materials occupy minimal space inside your fuel cell and are ideal for simple and complex shapes.

We offer comprehensive engineering services at every stage of your project and partially assemble your fuel cells for high-volume serial production or deliver complete insulation systems, including metal encapsulations. Whatever your requirements, we make sure you get the solution you need.

A selection of our insulation applications:
Solide Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC), balance of plant, reformers.


Promat’s passive fire protection solutions are the most effective way to prevent fire and explosions during storage, transportation and recycling of used Lithium-Ion batteries. These certified thin and lightweight solutions are rigorously tested and offer a reliable protection in all circumstances.

Our custom-made solutions will help you reduce your insurance premium and limit the interruption of your business to an absolute minimum in the event of a fire or explosion. They are easy to install and require low or even no maintenance. Our engineers are ready to support you with your project.

A selection of our applications:
Walls, partitions, ceilings, floors, storage boxes, containers

Passive fire protection  and thermal insulation for clean energy by Promat

Power Generation

Promat’s tailor-made thermal insulation systems for conventional and nuclear power generation ensure maximum efficiency in power generation and optimize heat flows by minimizing wastage through heat loss. Our systems have a long working life and are designed specifically for use in continuous high temperature operations and areas with acute space challenges.

To provide you with the optimal technical and commercial solution, we offer a full range of engineering services ranging from thermal analyses to installation support. Our international team of experts will leave nothing to chance.

A selection of our applications:
Steam pipes, inlet/outlet pipes, cluster pipes, boiler casings and walls, diverter plates, emergency shutdown valves, turbine exhausts, pressure vessels