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Promat is the leading reference in passive fire protection and high temperature and sound insulation materials for a large number of industries. We combine our unique engineering competence, a wide range of thoroughly tested products and systems, and our diligent, full-service support to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Promise

Our Promise

Our Promise

For 60 years, the Promat brand has been synonymous with quality and reliability, offering sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimize processes and reduce the loss of space and energy. We strive to offer you the absolute best solutions, customized support, and optimal use of our expertise to tackle your challenges.

Our Technologies

Our vast range of products for passive fire protection and high temperature and acoustic insulation is suited for nearly any application imaginable. Our experts will help you to adapt our products and services to your specific requirements.

Calcium Silicates

Our lightweight calcium silicate materials offer superior performance in fire protection and high temperature applications.


MICROTHERM® ultra-thin and lightweight microporous insulation guarantees optimal performance in the most demanding environments.


PROMASPRAY® cementitious sprays offer the ultimate protection against hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire.


PROMASEAL® intumescent materials are reliable, flexible and aesthetic seals for protection against fire and gases.

Textiles and Wools

Our light and flexible high temperature textiles and insulation wools guarantee an excellent thermal performance and stability.

Sound insulation

PROMASOUND® and PROMADAMP® flexible visco-elastic materials are lightweight solutions for sound insulation and vibration damping.

Find your product

Find your product

Find your product

Our Services




Analysis, calculations and simulations

Meet all your fire, thermal, and acoustic requirements thanks to our full analysis, calculations, and simulation services.




Fire and performance testing

Verify your solution’s efficiency with our in-house fire and thermal performance testing or take advantage of our state-of-the-art test labs.




Product selection and design

We listen to your requirements and select the perfect match for the job from our comprehensive range of products.




Production and installation support

Choose between pre-installed solutions, supervised production runs, small batch delivery or high-volume production.




Application or system design

After defining the specifications, we will design a solution that fits your specific needs and develop a prototype.




Workshop services

Our in-house workshops offer CNC routing and cutting, water jet and laser cutting, coating, shrink-wrapping, heat-sealing under vacuum, cutting and stamping of laminates, and hand manipulation.

Ask an expert

Ask an expert

Ask an expert

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