Introducing PROMAFOUR®

Introducing PROMAFOUR®

A fire or stove represents an important added value to your house. Not only does it create a warm and cozy atmosphere but it also happens to be an excellent choice with regard to rational energy consumption.

However, we often tend to forget that fire and heat can also be a risk. Depending on the way of heating, a misapplication of building materials next to a fireplace can cause fire or burns. As a specialist in passive fire protection and high performance insulation, Promat is well aware of these risks.

Therefore, Promat has designed the PROMAFOUR® system; the first complete solution for fireplaces. PROMAFOUR® is a safe, reliable and robust solution for a sustainable insulation and mantelpiece for your fireplace.

What makes PROMAFOUR® so unique, is that you can install it very easily with standard tools and you don’t need to plaster it additionally before you paint it or hang wallpaper. PROMAFOUR® is the ideal solution for fireplaces in new buildings as well as renovation projects.

Components of the PROMAFOUR® system

Components of the PROMAFOUR® system

PROMAFOUR® CONSTRUCTION BOARDS are noncombustible, high temperature resistant, calcium silicate and cement based boards which can resist temperatures up to 800 °C.

PROMASIL®-1000L INSULATION BOARDS are lightweight, large sized, refractory calcium silicate boards with excellent insulation properties which can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. Their homogeneous, stable, calcium silicate structure guarantees exceptional thermal and mechanical properties.

PROMAFOUR®-STUDS are noncombustible, cut-to-size profiles, which are made of the same material as PROMAFOUR® construction boards.

PROMAFOUR®-GLUE 1000 is a refractory silicate based glue, which resists temperatures up to 1000 °C. PROMAFOUR® GLUE 1000 adheres very well to all materials and can be used to glue PROMAFOUR® construction boards and PROMASIL®-1000L insulation boards, as well as PROMAFOUR®-HTI 1100 insulation blankets.

PROMAFOUR®-HT JOINTFILLER is a high temperature resistant filler, which is based on a mixture of clay and an inorganic bonding agent. It can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C. PROMAFOUR®-HT JOINTFILLER has been developed especially to fill in any residual gaps around PROMAFOUR® construction boards.


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