Promat Promatect Calcium Silicate board  for passive fire protection


Our calcium silicate materials offer superior performance compared to conventional materials and are used for both high temperature insulation and fireproofing. Their high compressive and flexural strength makes them ideal for the most demanding applications. Our calcium silicate materials come in standard sizes or can be tailored to your requirements.

Microporous materials Microtherm panel for thermal insulation


MICROTHERM® microporous insulation guarantees optimal performance at high temperatures. These ultra-thin and lightweight materials are designed for extreme temperature conditions and space constrained environments, and can be customised to your specific requirements. With MICROTHERM®, you will save space and energy and increase capacity.


PROMASEAL® intumescent fire stopping seals are resistant to atmospheric influences and can expand up to 20 times their original volume. Our fire seals are fit for use in a wide variety of applications in construction and fire rated components. They are available as seals, profiles, granulates for cavities, and customer-specific parts.


PROMASPRAY® lightweight coatings are able to withstand thermal shocks during a high intensity hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire without eroding. These heavy-duty materials are certified to international standards, fully weatherproof, don’t crack or spall under mechanical impact and deliver fire resistance even after a blast.


Our DALFRATEX® range of high temperature textiles offers high vibration resistance and excellent electrical insulation. These textiles are available as cloth, cords, ropes, tape and sleeves. Our PROMAGLAF® and ALSIFLEX® insulation wools are available as blankets, paper, rigid boards, loose wool, felts and prefabricated components. 


Our PROMASOUND® and PROMADAMP® flexible and lightweight range of visco-elastic materials provides the best solution for vibration damping and sound insulation. They are low flame spread, easy to install and their properties don’t change over time. Our visco-elastic range comes in standard and custom sizes.