Fire and blast protection, thermal insulation for oil and gas

Certified, thin and lightweight solutions

Promat is a global expert in high-temperature insulation and fire, blast and explosion protection for oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. Our team will help you design and install the most effective solution for durable protection of your assets and staff, improved energy efficiency and higher yields.

Promat’s solutions for fire protection and high-temperature insulation for oil and gas

Promat’s solutions for protection against fire, explosion and blast in the oil and gas industry are built on years of experience from projects around the world. In the event of a fire or explosion our fully certified, thin and lightweight solutions will offer protection for steel and concrete structures, vessels, valves and other critical equipment in onshore and offshore oilgas and petrochemical facilities. All our solutions are rigorously tested and certified to local and international standards. Our international team of experts will support during all stages, from engineering to the realisation of the project.

Promat’s high-temperature insulation solutions contribute to making the processing of oil, gas and process fluids more efficient, sustainable, safe and cost-effective. Our high-performanceultra-thin and lightweight insulation solutions reduce the loss of space and energy, ensure a smooth operation of your installation and improve the quality of your product. With Promat as your preferred partner you will benefit from more than 60 years of expertise in thermal insulation and global support from the initial concept to on-site installation to help you achieve the highest level of operational efficiency. With our international team of experts at your disposal we have all angles of your project covered.

Fire, explosion and blast protection for the oil & gas industry

Protecting lives and assets in all circumstances

High-temperature insulation for the oil and gas industry

Improve energy efficiency, safety and yields

Dedicated support and global approach

From risk analysis, consultancy and engineering, to bespoke in-house testing, and on-site installation support: Our global team are there to help you at all stages of your project. Together, we can design the most efficient fire and blast protection for your oil and gas or petrochemical plant.

From thermal analysis, consultancy and engineering to thorough testing and installation support: Promat’s services are there to help you create the most efficient thermal insulation solution for your plant and comply with local and international regulations. At all stages of your project, you can count on our global team of experts to interact with all stakeholders and tackle your project on an international scale.

You can build on our technical experience and a strong track record of projects and worldwide customers. Together, we can design the most efficient high-temperature insulation for your plant.