Value Added Services

Pioneering excellence through workshop and testing laboratory services

Discover Promat's value added service, where our decades of expertise shine through our Workshop and Laboratory Testing Services. With over 60 years of experience, we offer a certified range of materials and solutions for fire protection and thermal insulation challenges, ensuring we find the right answer for your project at every stage. Our Testing Laboratory Services extend our commitment to pioneering excellence, providing a worldwide presence and a comprehensive suite of testing capabilities against international standards. Partner with us to innovate and complete your solutions with confidence.

Why calcium silicates from Promat?

Why calcium silicates from Promat?

When we enter into a partnership, we leave nothing to chance. Here is what you can expect from us:


60+ years of experience


Full range of proven products


Expert technical and commercial advice


Dedicated services at each project stage


Improved design flexibility


Workshop Services

On top of our extensive range of products, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services in our workshops across the world, as well as through our established network of suppliers.

Test Laboratory Services

Our testing laboratory facility is leading product Innovation and systems. We offer laboratory test around the world. our mission is to innovate products, systems, services and technologies in order to complete the solutions offered to our customers and our customers ‘customers

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