High density insulation boards for the aluminium industry

MONALITE® high density calcium silicate insulation boards are designed specifically for use in aluminium casting, the foundry and furnace industries, and other thermal processing applications.

MONALITE® boards can withstand peak temperatures of 1,000 °C and are ideal for contact with molten metals. These boards are in available with a bulk density of 850 or 970 kg/m³ for an enhanced structural strength and dimensional stability.

Further Information


  • Launders and dams;
  • Billet and ingot casting;
  • Continuous casting;
  • Low pressure die casting


  • High resistance to thermal shock;
  • Non-wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals;
  • Dimensionally stable;
  • Resistant to wear;
  • Non-reactive to lubricants such as boron nitride or graphite

Please note
All physical and mechanical values are averages based on standard production and tested according to internal procedures. The typical values are given for guidance. The figures can change dependent on the test methods used. If a particular value is of prime importance for a specification, please consult Promat Technical Department.