Acoustic Protection

Promat’s acoustic protection solutions for vibration dampingnoise absorption and acoustic barriers can solve any challenge related to structural, vibrational, mechanical, and ambient noise. Our systems are tested and certified to the highest industry standards, making them extremely safe and reliable. They can be used for complex shapes and applications with very limited space, offering you the design flexibility you’re looking for. Combine our sound insulation systems with our solutions for thermal insulation and passive fire protection to maximise your fire, thermal and acoustic performance. You can count on our consultancy and technical support at each stage of your project.

Solutions for acoustic insulation

Thin and versatile sound insulation

Promat’s fully certified sound insulation solutions are extremely efficient, safe and provides excellent fire proofing. Their reliability and long lifecycle make them the preferred materials for acoustic insulation of doors, walls, floors, bulkheads and other applications in ships and trains. Our range consists of ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible and rigid acoustic insulation materials, the perfect choice for easy shipment, storage, handling and installation.

Benefits of Promat sound insulation

Sound insulation systems from Promat offer an exceptional acoustic performance and are ideal for new-builds, retrofits and repairs. Their flexibility and versatility enable you to take maximum advantage of available space and reduce the weight of your application. The result is always as expected: the highest level of passenger satisfaction.

How Promat handles your sound insulation project - Dedicated services at each project stage

Sound insulation for the marine, railway or aerospace markets is a complex matter. Each case is different and only the right combination of acoustic insulation materials will obtain the required performance.

With Promat as your supplier and experienced partner, you can count on more than six decades of worldwide experience in a variety of markets. We always go the extra mile for our customers. Our aim is to create a confidential, tailor-made consultancy partnership based on the desire to grow and develop together.

Promat services are constantly monitored and improved. As a customer you will have a dedicated contact person with expertise in your industry and application. Our technical advice and engineering capacities will help you enhance your project’s results.

The whole process and all activities necessary for the development of your products or for the execution of the service are carefully analysed, planned, decided and implemented. We follow and schedule all necessary steps in order to guarantee a high standard of technical quality and implementation.

Workshop services

If you are dealing with a challenging fire protection project, our workshops are able to machine or manipulate our full range of products to meet any specification. Our in-house workshops offer CNC routing and cutting, water jet and laser cutting, coating, shrink-wrapping, heat-sealing under vacuum, cutting and stamping of laminates, and manipulation.

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