How we offer BIM solutions

BIM has dramatically changed the way we design and build. At Promat, we  offer you high-quality BIM solutions for your tunnel project. We make sure you can integrate your passive fire protection solutions in your BIM-design to share with all the building partners involved. 

Collaboration through BIM

Collaboration through BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) improves the way architects, engineers, builders and installers collaborate at every stage of the design and building process. Thanks to BIM, we can use one digital system to share all the relevant information about the building. As designs are often adapted throughout the building phase, everyone now receives the same information at excatly the same time and can work with the same building plan.

Promat believes that collaboration is the secret to design and build the best fire protection for your project. This is why we offer architects and engineers high-quality BIM-objects to integrate their passive fire protection plan efficiently into their BIM-design. We also offer support and service to installers or contractors who wants to step into the world of BIM. 

How can Promat help you with BIM?

BIM solutions

How can Promat help you with BIM?

Promat wants to make sure you can integrate our passive fire protection solutions in your BIM design. This is why we constantly add high-quality BIM objects to our to our BIM library. We also support installers and contractors to enter the world of BIM based constrcution and boost their collaboration with architects and engineers.

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