FSi Promat is our fire stopping brand, offering a range of third-party certified fire-stopping and cavity barrier products, from sealants and coatings to collars, wraps and compounds.


We have fire stopping solutions for even the most demanding of projects, from high movement accommodation to the London Underground network.   

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PipeBloc® EL

Pipebloc EL is a fire resistant wrap on a roll consisting of 25m of self adhesive intumescent

PipeBloc® PCP Collar

PipeBloc PCP is a fire resistant prefabricated pipe collar

PipeBloc® PWP Wrap

Pipebloc PWP is a fire resistant prefabricated pipe wrap


PROMASEAL® UniCollar® is a unique patented method of protecting plastic pipes which pass through fire rated walls and floors, and achieves fire resistance up to 240 minutes in floors and 120 minutes in walls.


PROMASTOP®-FC is a fire stopping collar for plastic pipes made from powder-coated stainless steel with a special intumescent inlay. Due to the highly effective intumescent inlay the collars are tested for diameters up to 400mm.


PROMASEAL® Wrap is designed and tested to seal services penetration apertures containing plastic pipes and pipes with compressible insulation.


PROMASEAL® Collars are used to seal plastic and insulated metal pipe penetrations and bunches of cables installed in a wide variety of substrates including flexible and rigid walls, rigid floors and in the PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier system.