Fire Stopping

FSi Promat is our fire stopping brand, offering a range of third-party certified fire-stopping and cavity barrier products, from sealants and coatings to collars, wraps and compounds.


We have fire stopping solutions for even the most demanding of projects, from high movement accommodation to the London Underground network.   

Fire Stopping
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PyroPro® LST Sealant

PyroPro® LST Fire Resistant Sealant is a water based, acrylic, ablative sealant


PenoPatch Fire Resistant Sealing System is a putty-based system

Pyrocoustic® Sealant Trowel Grade

Pyrocoustic® Fire Resistant Sealant is a water based, acrylic, ablative sealant

Silverliner® OSCB

Silverliner® Open State Cavity Barrier (OSCB) protects the voids between the outer façade and the inner construction element of the building.


Stopseal® LGS is an intumescent thermoplastic filled with flame retardants

PipeBloc® EL

Pipebloc EL is a fire resistant wrap on a roll consisting of 25m of self adhesive intumescent

Pyrocoustic® Sealant

Pyrocoustic® Fire Resistant Sealant is a water based, acrylic, ablative sealant

PipeBloc® PCP Collar

PipeBloc PCP is a fire resistant prefabricated pipe collar

Stopseal® Coating

Stopseal® Ablative Spray Coating is to be used alongside the Stopseal® fire Batt system

Flexi Coat®

Flexi-Coat® is a highly advanced flexible penetration and aperture sealing system.

Pyrolastic® Silicone Sealant

Pyrolastic® Silicone is a fire-resistant silicone sealant

PyroPro HPE® Sealant

PyroPro HPE® Sealant is a fire resistant, intumescent sealant

Silverseal® Compound

Silverseal® Compound is a fire-resistant Gypsum based mortar material

Pass-it® Transit System

Pass-It® Transit System is a pre-assembled, multi layered reactive intumescent device encased in a 2 part powder coated steel shell.

S-Line® Pillows

S-Line Fire Pillows are a fire resistant penetration sealing system

NS Putty® Pads

NS Putty® Pads are pre-cut ablative pads designed for easy application

PS Coating

PS Coating is an ablative brushable coating

Stopseal® Batt

Stopseal® Batt is a mineral wool based protection board