Bringing sustainability into our product design

Bringing sustainability into our product design

Bringing sustainability into our product design

At Promat, we believe that a more sustainable product design starts with understanding the full life cycle of our products. That’s why we have invested in Environmental Product Declarations, which are underpinned by a thorough Life Cycle Analysis and allows us to focus on the parts of greatest environmental impact. Thanks to this, we are developing products that use less energy and have higher recycled content. 

26 Promat EPDs 


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>60% coverage of portfolio 


New board with 55% less energy 


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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDS) contribute to the sustainability of our portfolio

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"It's really important to emphasise the role of Environmental Product Declarations in helping make our portfolio more sustainable.

Not only do they show the life cycle impact of a product, it provides a blueprint of where we need to focus to reduce the environmental impact of our portfolio. It's a really unique way of viewing your market offering.

I'm very proud that we've invested so much time and effort on creating these documents. They're useful for us and our customers, who want to know their Scope 3 emissions and participate in LEED and BREEAM projects."
Promat Sustainability Manager
Duncan Gardiner
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Discover why EPDs are critical to a more sustainable construction industry and how bringing transparency around our products helps our customers tackle their own sustainability objectives. We even provide an easy to read summary of our EPDs, sharing the key figures that our customers frequently require.