Adhesives & Finishing

In order to ensure the performance of its systems, Promat offers a wide range of compounds, glues and coatings which, combined with the range of Promat boards, guarantee the fire resistance and durability performance of the systems.

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Adhesives & Finishing

Promat® Filler

Cellulose reinforced gypsum filler for interior use.


Promat-SR impregnation is a solvent-free impregnation agent based on silicates.

Promat® Ready Mix

Cellulose reinforced gypsum filler for interior use.

Promat®-GLUE K84

Promat®-GLUE K84 is used to bond cement-bound calcium silicate building boards, vermiculite boards and mineral wool for all applications, and does not release any harmful substances in case of fire.

Promat® Ready Mix PRO

Promat® Ready Mix PRO is a ready-to-use, vinyl-based, high-plasticised filler product for manual and mechanical application.

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