Iron and Steelmaking

Promat’s ultra-thin and lightweight back-up insulation systems help the steel industry to provide a safe and efficient work environment. Our in-depth knowledge of the steelmaking process and our engineering capabilities enable us to develop solutions that improve operations and product quality and reduce heat loss at each stage of the steelmaking sequence.

Our insulation products and solutions have a long service life and are designed for continuous and cyclical high temperature operation. As the leading reference in thermal insulation, we are committed to reduce the environmental impact of the steel industry.

A selection of our insulation applications
Coke oven batteries, blast furnaces, torpedo ladles, converter ladles, steel ladles, electric arc furnaces, vacuum degassers, tundishes, walking beam furnaces, annealing and galvanising furnaces, bell furnaces

Industrial Furnaces

Our thermal insulation solutions will help you to control heat loss and maintain a homogeneous temperature inside your furnace throughout the heating cycle. The reduced weight and compact size of our materials require thinner and fewer insulation layers, allowing for a more compact design and more efficient use of available space.

By using our insulation solutions, you minimise cost while maximising furnace capacity and working life. Our extended engineering expertise enables us to provide the most practical and cost-effective solution for all types of furnaces and thermal processes.

A selection of our applications
Fired heaters, boilers, incinerators, heat treatment furnaces, galvanising furnaces, food and bakery ovens, melting furnaces, rotary and shaft kilns, firing kilns, lab and medical furnaces, hot processing equipment, fire testing furnaces

Glass and Ceramics

With a long tradition in the manufacturing of container and float glass and ceramics, our ultra-thin and lightweight back-up insulation solutions allow for more accurate temperature control and optimised application design. Our custom-made systems drastically reduce heat loss and make your operations more efficient, cost-effective and safe.

For each project, our experts are dedicated to saving energy in production processes and reducing off-gas volumes and environmental impact. We believe that together with our customers we can make the glass and ceramics industries more eco-friendly.

A selection of our insulation applications:
Melting tanks, regenerators, forehearths, feeder bowls, tin baths, annealing lehrs


Our insulation solutions reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the multiple stages of aluminium production and processing. They contribute to an increased production efficiency, service lifetime and lower maintenance cost, while at the same time providing workers with a safe work environment.

These thin and lightweight back-up insulation systems are ideal for both continuous high temperature operations and regular thermal cycling. With our extended experience and track record in the aluminium industry worldwide, combined with our full range of engineering services, we can tackle any thermal problem.

A selection of our applications:
Carbon bake furnace, electrolytic reduction cells, tapping and transfer ladles, melting and holding furnaces, induction furnaces, aluminium transfer and refining, casting