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Glazing Products

Promat offers 2 ranges of glazing products, based upon unique technologies,  with high-quality passive fire protection performance:

Promat-SYSTEMGLAS and PROMAGLAS come from a technology approved and recognized for many years: a glazing composed of floats of laminated glass, assembled by layers of intumescent gel which abound in the event of fire. The number of floats and the thickness of the glass influence the fire performance (EI 30 to EI 90) *.

The Promat-SYSTEMGLAS F1 and PROMAGLAS F1 glazing systems benefit from their own technology: glazings composed of two safety toughened glasses, maintained by a spreader, with a layer of thermo-reactive gel in the centre. The thickness of the gel will vary depending on the duration of fire resistance (up to EI 120)*. The heat-reactive gel used is insensitive to humidity and U.V. Used especially for larger volumes.

Promat also offers accessories such as silicones, tapes, frames, blocks, brackets