Maximise performance, energy efficiency, passenger safety and comfort with our ultra-thin, lightweight solutions and services for the railway industry. Our solutions are extremely robust, complying with the strictest industry standards (EN 45545, EN 13501). They guarantee reliable protection and offer the best value for new build, refurbishment and repair projects.

Our extensive experience, know-how, and worldwide reach enable us to manage projects on a global scale and deliver completely pre-installed solutions, combining passive fire protection, thermal and sound insulation.

A selection of our applications:
Fire doors, partition walls, acoustic barriers, electrical cabinets, fire-resistant penetrations, fire-resistant cable ducts, thermal and fire barriers, batteries, safety data recorders, heat shields

Passive fire protection for marine by Promat


Our integrated systems for fire protection and thermal and sound insulation enable the marine industry around the globe to drastically enhance passenger safety and comfort and comply with local and international legislation. Our thin and lightweight high-quality materials offer high lifecycle cost savings and great aesthetic value, and are ideal for new build, refurbishment and repair.

With our expert engineering services, we can offer you general consultancy for your project ranging from mock-up preparation and in-house fire testing to calculations, simulations and installation supervision.

A selection of our applications:
Floors, walls, ceilings, decks, fire-rated linings, hulls, bulkheads, fire doors, engine rooms, scrubbers, event recorders, furniture, galleys, cabins and water-jets

Passive fire protection for aerospace by Promat


Promat’s ultra-thin and lightweight solutions for thermal insulation and fire protection in commercial aviation and defence significantly increase energy efficiency and passenger safety and comfort. Our solutions are designed specifically for use in extreme temperature conditions and are exceptionally resistant to vibration and thermal shock.

As the industry benchmark, we comply with the most stringent aerospace standards. Our global team of engineers will support you at all stages of your project and will create a solution that fits your commercial and technical needs.

A selection of our applications:
Turbofan engines, nacelles, exhausts, hydraulics, APUs, batteries, wings, radomes, flight data recorders, galley ovens, guiding systems, electronics, weight-sensitive applications