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Promat offers you a complete portfolio of products and systems to design and build the passive fire protection you need.

All our products are fully certified and tested.

Structural Protection

Promat offers a full range of board and spray products providing flexible solutions to meet a variety of installation and fire protection needs.

Compartmentation : Keeping the fire where it is

Promat offers a full range of board and panel fire protection and thermal upgrade solutions tested and assessed for a variety of ceiling, floor and roof applications to meet the demands of the modern construction environment.

Fire Stopping

Promat provides a number of integrated and effective fire stopping solutions.

Ventilation & Smoke Extraction

Promat offers solutions without steel ducts for both systems up to 120 minutes fabricated with PROMATECT® fire protection boards.


In the event of a fire or explosion occurring inside a tunnel, our solutions can prevent steel reinforcements from losing strength, concrete from spalling and protect segments and immersion joints within a tunnel.

Promat Technical Support

Contact our technical support team with your questions on passive fire protection solutions, our products and systems or installation advice...

Technical Documentation

Find the product datasheets, system brochures, Declarations of Performance, installation manuals and other documents you need to get the job done. 

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