Water based acrylic polymer

Promat® TOPCOAT 200 is a single pack, water-based acrylic polymer for use as a water vapour permeable topcoat with excellent adhesion. It is applied by spray, roller or brush.

Promat® TOPCOAT 200 is applied over vermiculite and Portland cement-based fire-resistant coatings that protect steel and concrete substrates against ingress from salt spray, washdown water, chemical spills, rainfall and sprinkler deluge systems.

Further Information


  • To be used in combination with Promat FENDOLITE® MII


  • Does not blister;
  • Flexible;
  • Flame retardant;
  • Mould resistant;
  • Reduces the carbonation rate of cement-based products

Please note
All physical and mechanical values are averages based on standard production and tested according to internal procedures. The typical values are given for guidance. The figures can change dependent on the test methods used. If a particular value is of prime importance for a specification, please consult Promat Technical Department.