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passive fire protection &
high-performance insulation

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Promat is the expert and worldwide reference in passive fire protection and high-performance insulation for the construction sector and a large number of industrial markets. We offer sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimise process efficiency, minimise the loss of space and energy and help reduce CO2 emissions.



  • Tunnels
  • Structural protection (steel, concrete and wood structures)
  • Compartmentation (wall, floor and ceiling structures)
  • Fire protection of penetrations
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction ducts
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  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Fire Rated Components & Thermal Appliances
  • Heavy Industry
  • Transportation


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A solution for every fireproofing or thermal problem

All our solutions and systems are backed by more than 60 years of experience and know-how. For each project we can rely on our extended, proven and certified range of calcium silicate, microporous and intumescent materials, and cementitious sprays. We make sure we always find the right solution for your fireproofing or thermal problem.