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What is passive fire protection?
Passive fire protection refers to elements that are far of the structure of the building. These include compartmentation, such as fire-resistant walls and ceiling, structural protection of both steel and concrete elements and service protection through service penetration seals or fire resistant ducts or enclosures. These systems are designed to stop a fire spreading from its area of origin and require no further inputs such as power or water for them to do their job. On the other side are the active systems such as sprinklers, hydrants and smoke extraction which use water and other substances to supress the fire itself. The best buildings use a combination of both systems to keep the occupants safe.

What is an FRL?
An FRL is an abbreviation or acronym for (F)ire (R)esistance (L)evel and it set out in the format -/60/60. They indicate the duration a system will resist fire for. The Singapore Fire Code sets out what FRL's are required for different Purpose Groups and they will vary depending on the sizes of the buildings. Each number is a time period that refers to an elements ability to resist fire in terms of different requirements. The requirements are structural adequacy (the ability to remain standing), integrity (stopping flame and hot gasses from passing through) and insulation (stopping heat from passing through). For further information on this subject click here.

Can PROMATECT® boards get wet?
PROMATECT® boards are mostly designed for internal applications and should avoid getting wet. However, we do have some boards that can be used in semi-exposed or exposed situation please contact us via our technical enquiry page for further advice on your specific application.

Where can I get Promat Certificates of Conformity?
You may contact us at +65 67767635 or

Where can I get Promat test reports?
Our test or assessment reports are controlled documents. To obtain copies of our test or assessment reports, please contact us at +65 67767635 or

How do I arrange for site audit?
You may contact us at +65 67767635 or


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