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Structural Protection
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Structural Protection

The main structure of a building needs a reliable passive fire protection to maintain its load bearing capability in case of fire. Promat offers you excellent solutions to cover and protect your load bearing structure (steel, concrete, wood, composite), taking into account local regulations and aesthetic criteria.

Load-bearing structures—beams, columns, frames, and slabs—are the backbone of any building. Their stability is essential for overall safety. However, during a fire, these structures face extreme temperatures that can weaken them, risking collapse and endangering lives.

Our range of board, spray, and paint products ensures that load-bearing structures remain resilient:

  1. Steel Beams and Columns: Promat’s intumescent coatings shield steel from heat. When exposed to fire, they expand, forming an insulating layer that maintains steel strength.
  2. Structural Steelwork: Our sprayed fire protection safeguards the entire steel framework, preventing collapse and allowing safe evacuation.
  3. Concrete Structures: Concrete can crack and lose strength in a fire. Promat’s solutions delay concrete deterioration, protecting both the material and embedded steel reinforcement.
  4. Wood and Composite Structures: Even wood and composites benefit from Promat’s fire-resistant coatings, enhancing their fire performance.

Promat’s certified solutions meet regulations and aesthetic requirements, ensuring a well-protected structure.

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