Specialist fire rated glazing system with intumescent gel

SYSTEMGLAS® F1 is a specialist fire rated jointed glazing system utilising float glass encapsulating an instumescent fire-resistant gel. This system has been trusted around the world to deliver large spans of glazing, a lightweight solution and ehanced acoustic performance. Promat's steel, timber or PROMATECT® H framing in conjunction with the butt jointed glass offers a contemporary feel and maximises light transmission throughout the building whilst providing integrity and insulation protection (EI) protection up to 120 minutes.

As part of the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® 360 Degree Wheel of Assurance, guidance is offered from specification through to installation, the system is manufactured in-house to ensure all cutting and processing is completed to the correct standard, it is installed by a Promat approved installer and a certificate of conformity is issued on completion following an inspection by a Promat expert.


  • 30 - 120 minutes fire integrity and insulation (EI) protection
  • Promat 360 degree Wheel of Assurance for supply chain traceability
  • Project support from specification through to installation
  • A lightweight solution compared to competitor products
  • Enhanced acoustic performance

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