Fire/Physical Attack Glass

Durable fire/physical attack glass

PYROSEC® 19 is a modified toughened 19mm fire resistant/physical attack resistant glass developed for use in the UK’s most secure institutions as vision panels in doors, side screens and walls. The dual-purpose nature of the glass as a fire-resistant and physical attack barrier means PYROSEC® 19 is ideal in a public sector environment.

It is fully transparent and therefore allows an unobstructed view within secure public sector facilities. Where the glass is required to be used for physical attack reasons only (no fire protection requirement), PYROSEC® 19 can be used as part of a non-fire rated unit with toughened or laminated glass types to safeguard against physical attacks.


  • Up to 60 minutes integrity (size dependent)
  • Super-toughened (modified) 19 mm glass
  • Polished arrissed edges for physical attack
  • Can withstand severe physical attack without failure
  • "A" class safety glass to BS6206 + 1B1 and EN 12600:2002

Application areas

  • Prisons, hospitals & healthcare
  • Police stations and banks
  • Universities and schools
  • Government buildings
  • Airport terminals
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