Architects and specifiers are continually pushing the boundaries of functionality, aesthetics, innovation and value. As a result, constructions are becoming more complex with greater challenges around building and occupier safety.


With steel structures now accounting for 70% of the multi-storey framed market, making the right choices for fire protection is an essential decision.

The Promat white paper gives valuable information on structural steel fire protection. With over 50 years’ experience as a leading supplier of passive fire protection solutions, Promat intends the white paper to stimulate greater awareness of this important topic.

The white paper ‘Introduction to Making the Right Choice’ supports construction professionals in delivering fact based, informed structural steel fire protection decisions and specifications.

This includes:

  • Introduction to steel protection
  • The challenges facing the specification community
  • Fire protection options for steel structures: Intumescent paint, board-based systems, cementitious and gypsum sprays
  • Key considerations for specification choice, including cost, build programme, weather, curing time, repair and maintenance
  • Requirements for castellated/cellular beams
  • Conducting the correct thickness checks
  • Fire protection design guidance overview


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