Promat helps to finalise innovative land tunnel

Promat helps to finalise innovative land tunnel

This spring, Promat helped to finalise the innovative Gaasperdammer tunnel project near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This innovative landtunnel project will improve the mobility around the Dutch capital and will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants in this densily populated area.

The tunnel project was run by IXAS, a consortium, created by means of a DBFM-contract. DBFM stands for Design, Build, Finance and Maintain. This means that IXAS will be fully responsible for the entire project for 20 years, from financing towards maintenance.

The tunnel consists of 5 tunnel tubes over a length of 3 kilometres. This so called land tunnel is constructed half in-depth,This offers advantages for the region and its inhabitants. The tunnel improves the capacity for road users, as well as the quality of life for local residents: the tunnel ensures a considerable reduction in noise in the urban neighbourhoods alongside it.

Promat helps to finalise innovative land tunnel

Promat helped IXAS to deliver the project in time by supplying technical expertise and practical support during the fire protection phase.

Because the tests for the planned fire protection concrete mixture were disappointing, Promat presented an alternative that included the installation of 295.000 m2 of fire protection boards.

As the opening of the tunnel was planned for 27 April 2020 and deadlines needed to be kept, all the parties involved in the project were sudfdenly confronted with an enormous challange.

Promat helps to finalise innovative land tunnel

Promat was the only manufacturer, at that moment, who was able to produce the amount of 295.000m2 of boards in such a short period of time (first delivery January 2019 - last delivery October 2019). On top, we presented great fire test results for our legendary PROMATECT-T fire protection board.

Thanks to a great collaboration between a group of real experts, the tunnel project was finalised in time and could be inaugurated as planned. the new tunnel solution will improve air quality and reduce noise levels for thousands of families living in this booming region.

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