Minerva program shares Fire Protection know-how

Minerva program shares Fire Protection know-how

Minerva is not only the goddess of wisdom, it is also the name of a unique Promat training program, led by global Promat training manager Marco Antonelli.

As the global leader in passive fire protection, Promat wants to share our technical innovations and know-how with engineers, architects and installers all over the world.

Minerva program shares Fire Protection know-how

The Minerva program reaches out to universities and research centres all over the world to build a close partnership to find new solutions for fire protection. Our team of fire safety engineers and reasearchers are happy to share their knowledge of concepts, test standards, classifications and configurations of fire protection systems with both teachers and students.

Do you feel a need to boost your technical knowledge of passive fire protection? Reach out to your local technical sales team. They will provide you with a customized training package that takes into account your local needs and regulations.

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