PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport

PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport

Picture: Zurich Airport

When Zurich Airport decided to renovate its impressive open-air car park, it looked for a future-proof solution to protect its steel load-bearing structure against fire. Thanks to decades of excellent performance and fire testing, the PROMATECT®-H board was chosen to guarantee 30 years of structural protection for an innovative open-air car park.

The quality of the travel experience in an airport is highly influenced by the smoothness and efficiency of the parking process around the airport. Zurich Airport decided to revamp its open-air car park in order to offer its customers a premium, stress-free travel experience before their arrival at the terminal. All the crucial elements within the building structure were inspected to guarantee their reliability for another 30 years. It was clear that a reliable fire protection of the steel structure of the building would be crucial to guarantee 100% peace of mind. The building owner decided to protect the structure with PROMATECT®-H boards.

Te structural fire protection of any steel load-bearing structure is a crucial element within the complete passive fore protection project. As steel loses its supportive strength at a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, a reliable protection of the steel columns and beams will prevent the collapse of the building in case of fire. The stability of the building allows people to escape safely and gives the fire brigade enough time to combat the fire and prevent it from spreading through the parking. PROMATECT®-H Calcium silicate boards have a proven track record of more than 40 years. The board has been tested for a wide range of applications and has been used for structural fire protection in thousands of building projects. No wonder the board was again selected as the ultimate solution to protect a prestigious building in one of the major airports in the world.

The Zurich car park is an open-air parking. This means that air can flow freely through the building in all seasons. This semi-exposed character of the building meant that the chosen fire protection solution needed to be able to withstand changing temperatures and different degrees of humidity. PROMATECT®-H also delivers outstanding test results for these extra product demands. PROMATECT®-H boards remained intact after years of semi-exposed use and withstand rot like no other board.

PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport

PROMATECT-H® can withstand mechanical impact and can be installed in an efficient way to protect steel columns and beams for another 30 years. Its amazing durability makes it the perfect building material for a sustainable building method.

PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport

Promat shared its expertise and technical support to specify an installation method that is considered a benchmark in the protection of steel structures against fire.

PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport
PROMATECT®-H protects open-air car park at Zurich airport

After the renovation: with the new PROMATECT®-H boards installed, the steel structure of the Zurich airport car park is again perfectly protected for decades to come.

The electrification of cars and the arrival of extra charging stations in high-volume car parks increases the need for a reliable passive fire protection of its load-bearing structure. PROMATECT®-H can offer the reliability and reassurance car park owners and facility managers are looking for

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