Promat successfully tests a giant wall of PROMATECT®-100X

Promat successfully tests a giant wall of PROMATECT®-100X

Promat successfully tested one of the highest compartmentation walls in the world, built with PROMATECT®-100X boards. Our fire protection board was used to build a giant wall in one of the highest furnaces available in Europe. And yes, PROMATECT®-100X perfectly passed the test. Our “gentle giant” resisted the fire for more than 2 hours, with minimal deformation of the massive structure. This proves that our boards can now be used to build fire safe partitions in high storage rooms, shopping malls or warehouses.

To demonstrate that PROMATECT®-100X, with its unique PROMAX® technology, is the perfect board for high fire walls, Promat needed to prove that the partition wall can withstand the fire, even when it is 9 metres high. On top, we wanted to demonstrate that the deformation of the enormous structure can stay within less than 1/30 of its heightt.

The test turned out to be a real thriller. The giant wall did resist the flames for more than 136 minutes, far above the required 2 hours of fire resistance. At the end of the test, the wall was still perfectly intact, and the deformation was less than 25 centimetre. This result allowed Promat to obtain a classification report and an extended field of application for a wall structure of up to 11 meters, with even the possibility of extending it to 12 meters by applying some little modifications.

This is a real triumph for our fire protection board, and we now can promote PROMATECT®-100X as the perfect certified and proven solution for large warehouses, shopping malls or industrial buildings where high partition walls are needed to protect its valuable content in case of fire and to prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building.

Promat successfully tests a giant wall of PROMATECT®-100X
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