E&M Services Enclosures, Ventilation & Smoke Extraction
E&M Services Enclosures, Ventilation & Smoke Extraction
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E&M Services Enclosures, Ventilation & Smoke Extraction

Fire protection requirements for ventilation ducts are directly related to their design function, the nature and behaviour of the fire and the construction materials that fuel the fire load. The fire resistance performance of the ventilation duct itself also plays a critical role. It is possible to prevent fire spread from one fire compartment (e.g. between floors) to another, along stairways and general access corridors only if all building materials and structural elements share a common fire classification and fire resistance rating. Typical steel sheet ducts fail to meet internationally accepted fire protection requirements. They heat and deform rapidly from the effects of fire. In certain circumstances they even accelerate the spread of flame and smoke.

Sheet steel ducts from an independent manufacturer can be cladded with PROMATECT® fire protection boards, or alternatively, the duct can be fabricated entirely from PROMATECT® fire protection boards. Promat offers solutions without steel ducts for both systems up to 240 minutes fabricated with PROMATECT® fire protection boards.

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