Innovative fire rated glazing system with over clad framing

Promat SYSTEMGLAS® Advenerat is a butt jointed fire rated glazing system specifically designed to complement the décor of any building by using a range of bespoke finishes. Unlimited runs of aesthetically pleasing butt jointed glazing can be installed to maximise light transmission and create a contemporary design without compromise to fire protection.

The PROMATECT®-H calcium silicate frame can be over clad, painted or powder coated to offer a variety of styles to suit the end user requirement. Steel over clad trims can be supplied by Promat creating the aesthetic effect of a steel frame without the unnecessary cost and complication of a steel system.

The fully certified system (CERTIFIRE CF5452) enables architects to create ambitious and contemporary designs, whilst offering fire integrity and insulation (EI) protection for 30 or 60 minutes.

As part of the Promat SYSTEMGLAS® 360 Degree Wheel of Assurance, guidance is offered from specification through to installation, the system is manufactured in-house, it is fitted by a Promat approved installer and a certificate of conformity is issued on completion following an inspection by a Promat expert for maximum supply chain traceability.


  • 30 - 60 minutes integrity and insulation (EI) fire protection

  • Clear butt-jointed partitions to maximise light transmission
  • Glass, framing and components (including beading and setting blocks) supplied by Promat UK Ltd.
  • Promat 360 degree Wheel of Assurance for supply chain traceability
  • Project support from specification through to installation

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