Versatile laminated fire rated glass

Promat PYROSEC® is a laminated transparent aesthetically pleasing fire rated glass product that comprises transparent intumescent interlayers to prevent the passage of smoke, flames and hot gasses. PYROSEC® is a leading fire resistant glass ideal for use in timber screens, timber doors, steel screens, steel doorsets and Insulating Glass Units (IGU’s).

With fire ratings from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes (E and EI), the PYROSEC® is a versatile solution for a variety of applications including schools, offices, factories, healthcare facilities and retail outlets. Promat PYROSEC® is cut to size, tested to large sizes and is available in external grades to provide maximum assurance in a wide variety of OEM applications. 


  • 30-120 minutes (E and EI) fire protection
  • Supplied as clear, Matelux acid etched or sandblasted surface
  • Can be laminated for physical attack resistance 
  • CE marked

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