Fire rated glass

Specialist fire rated glass with intumescent gel

Promat PROMAGLAS® F1 consists of two toughened float glass panes encapsulating an intumescent fire-resistant gel. This solution is fully transparent, has strong acoustic performance and is significantly more lightweight than competitor products.

Large spans of glazing can be achieved with PROMAGLAS® F1 in a broad range of applications, including public sector, retail, industrial and office environments. With fire ratings from 30 to 120 minutes integrity and insulation (EI), PROMAGLAS® F1 has been tested for use in screens and doors with a trusted reputation across Europe.


  • Tested up to large sizes 
  • 30-120 minutes fire integrity and insulation (EI) protection
  • A lightweight solution compared to competitor products
  • Enhanced acoustic performance  
  • CE marked

Application areas

  • Commercial offices
  • Hotels
  • Universities and schools
  • High specification residential
  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Government buildings
  • Airport terminals
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Our Services

  • Analysis, calculations and simulations

    To offer optimal fire, thermal and acoustic arrangements we provide a full analysis, a wide range of calculations and simulations

  • Fire and performance testing

    Verify your solution’s efficiency with our in-house fire and thermal performance testing or take advantage of our state-of-the-art test labs.

  • Product selection and design

    We listen to your requirements and select the perfect match for the job from our comprehensive range of products.

  • Production and installation support

    Choose between pre-installed solutions, supervised production runs, small batch delivery or high-volume production.

  • Application or system design

    After defining the specifications, we will design a solution that fits your specific needs and develop a prototype.

  • Workshop services

    Our in-house workshops offer CNC routing and cutting, water jet and laser cutting, coating, shrink-wrapping, heat-sealing under vacuum, cutting and stamping of laminates, and hand manipulation.

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