Inorganic fibres and textiles

DALFRATEX® is a complete range of inorganic high temperature fibres and textiles. These materials have a very high resistance to thermal shock and provide flexible electrical insulation at temperatures as high as 1000 °C. They can operate continuously at 1000 °C and at peak temperatures of 1600 °C for limited periods.

DALFRATEX® products are available in different delivery forms: cloths, cords, ropes, tapes and sleeving and can be delivered in unfired and fired conditions.

Further Information


  • Gas turbine and rocket engines;
  • Fire Protection;
  • Metallurgical/Steel production;
  • Glass manufacture;
  • Electrical heating/Generation


  • Excellent electrical insulation;
  • High resistance to thermal shock;
  • Can operate at peak temperatures of 1600 °C;
  • Compatible with mineral acids;
  • Compatible with a wide range of substances

Please note
All physical and mechanical values are averages based on standard production and tested according to internal procedures. The typical values are given for guidance. The figures can change dependent on the test methods used. If a particular value is of prime importance for a specification, please consult Promat Technical Department.