Water-based synthetic latex, sealer and keycoat

Promat® PSK 101 is a single pack, multi-purpose, water-based synthetic latex emulsion for use as a sealer and keycoat for the Promat FENDOLITE®-MII integrated fire protective coating system.

Promat® PSK 101 is suitable for on-site or off-site application to construction elements such as steel or concrete sections and metal decks. Onshore oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries will benefit from the use of Promat® PSK 101.

Further Information


  • Primer sealer and keycoat for the application of Promat FENDOLITE® MII on non-compatible substrates.


  • Stronly bonded integrated coating system;
  • Excellent capability and durability

Please note
All physical and mechanical values are averages based on standard production and tested according to internal procedures. The typical values are given for guidance. The figures can change dependent on the test methods used. If a particular value is of prime importance for a specification, please consult Promat Technical Department.