Mind the gap: How Fire Stopping helps you to prevent fire from spreading

An electrical cable tray penetration seal protected with PROMASTOP®-I water-based intumescent fire stopping coating

The success of a complete passive fire protection plan is very much influenced by the quality of the fire stopping solutions. While compartmentation is the best solution to prevent a fire from spreading through the building, the fire stopping system contains the fire within the fire-resistant compartment.

Why is fire stopping essential for fire protection?

Once the contractor or drywaller has built a range of fire-resistant compartments within the building project, there is a need to drill holes for a wide range of technical installations and services. As each individual installer makes penetrations through the existing partition or ceiling for electric wires or sanitary plumbing, for example, he creates a risk for the existing compartment. If penetrations or gaps are not adequately sealed with special fire collars or sealants, a route could be created for the fire to spread and destroy other parts of the building. This is why fire stopping is an essential part in integrated passive fire protection.

Concealed spaces or cavities in the construction of a building provide a ready route for smoke and flame to spread. This is particularly so in the case of voids in, above and below the construction of a building, e.g., walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and facades. As any spread is concealed, it presents a greater danger than would a more obvious weakness in the fabric of the building.

Why is the range of fire stopping products so large?

Every type of service passing through a fire-resistant building reacts in a specific way to high temperatures. Electric wire will behave differently from plastic sanitary pipes. On top of that, the diameter of the penetration can vary. This implies that every system requires a fire stopping solution that will fit its purpose: to contain fire within the compartment by sealing of the gap or hole via intumescent seals or collars.

How do I choose the perfect fire stopping product for my project?

In order to choose the right solution to ensure a wall or partition will provide the required fire performance, you need to take into account the following questions:

  • How long is the required period of fire resistance?
  • Is there an insulation requirement?
  • Is the partition a wall, floor or ceiling?
  • Is there a risk of movement, vibration or thermal expansion?

Promat offers a full range of products and solutions to cover any type of fire stopping need.

The Pormat Selector app helps you to select exactly the right product for your project. You can download the app for free for use on your smartphone or desktop.

The right product to close the gap

The Promat PROMASTOP® and PROMASEAL® range of fire stopping products is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It is comprised of a number of sealing solutions, from intumescent and silicone sealants to fire pillows and the unique Promat PROMASTOP®-FC MD fire stopping collar.

Our fire stopping systems have a proven track record of sealing the penetrations that are created during the construction process, such as those for power cables, plumbing and heating pipes, ventilation ducts, movement joints, etc. The products have been fully tested according to the highest standards, manufactured using the highest quality materials and accredited by third parties.

You can discover our full range of Fire Stopping solutions here.

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