PROMATECT-H boards will survive earthquake and fire

An image of a black member of a rescue team dressed in an orange suit peering into concrete rubble.

Promat has a mission to protect people and buildings against fire, whatever the cause. This is why we contributed to the unique EQUFIRE project to test if our PROMATECT-H board will maintain its fire protection capabilities after several severe earthquakes. The results were spectacular.

The EQUIFIRE-project is the first test in history to simulates a real earthquake followed by fire. The seismic test was done on several steel elements and on a copy of an existing steel structure as installed in a building in Lisbon, a city with specific building regulations to cover the danger of an earthquake. The results were simply spectacular. After a range of demanding seismic tests that made the installation tremble to its core, the board remained almost intact. Some small cracks appeared in the board, but the fire protection capabilities of our system remained intact and the fire test was successful, showing that the fire performances was not compromised. This proves again that PROMATECT-H is a unique product with amazing structural strength.

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