Promat protects wooden high-rise in Bordeaux

A pilot project of the ‘Low Carbon Building’ label launched in 2016, Tour Hyperion is the tallest wood-structured residential tower in France. Promat helps to make this innovative timber high-rise also a landmark for effective passive fire protection.

The Hyperion tower is located in Bordeaux and takes its name from the world’s tallest tree. The building is more than 50 meters high and has 17 levels for 98 living units.

The first three levels of the core structure are built in concrete. The floors and partitions are made of cross-laminated timber (CLT). PROMASPRAY P300 was used to protect the building against fire.

Under the management of Eiffage Construction, the timber used in the tower’s structure is sourced locally via regional forestry and production. As a bio-sourced and renewable material, wood is also a carbon sink, emitting 25% less CO2 than concrete during structural work.

Tour Hyperion will store the equivalent of 1,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the capture capacity of one square kilometre of forest. In other words, the building compensates for the CO2 emissions of 5 million car-driven kilometres or the average total emissions of 115 European citizens per year!

Tour Hyperion is a pilot project launched by the French BBCA association and received the Regional Grand Prix as well as the Urban Mixed Use Award of the Silver Pyramids and the National Grand Prix of the Golden Pyramids in 2019.

Promat is happy to contribute to an iconic project that will set a new standard in the world of sustainable construction. We will continue to support architects, engineers and contractors who want to transform the way we design and build, in order to reduce the impact of the construction industry on the use of resources and the climate.

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