Promat revisits 9/11 to support new regulations for high-rise buildings

A recent fire in the Moro Tower in Milan has reminded Italian architects and building engineers about the importance of reliable fire protection solutions in high-rise residential or office buildings. Promat sponsored the conference “Fire Safety in Offices and high-rise buildings: the Italian regulations and the WTC 9/11 case” to support the Italian fire expert community. Our global training Director Marco Antonelli made an analysis of the 9/11 disaster in New York to highlight the need of a sophisticated fire protection design in high-rise buildings.

A large audience of fire experts, engineers and architects attended the seminar in November 2021 to learn from Michele Castore, Fire Prevention Manager of the Milan Fire Brigade, more about the new regulations on high-rise buildings and facades. These new regulations came as a rapid response to the increased awareness about the risk of fire in modern buildings, as recently showed by the spectacular fire in the Moro Tower in Milan. A team of fire experts added their expertise in the field of performance-based fire safety engineering to the debate, demonstrating how the newest model based methodology can deliver a reliable fire prevention in office buildings.

The last speech of the day was held by Marco Antonelli, global training director of Promat, who made an in-depth analysis of the Twin Towers disaster, commemorating the “twentieth anniversary” of this dramatic event. Marco not only delivered a rigorously scientific analysis of the fire and collapse, but he also added a new, surprising perspective, brought in a passionate way, full of emotions. His story demonstrated in a unique way the importance of fire protection. The very scientific profession of fire safety engineering comes with a huge responsibility towards society: never to compromise on safety.

Elisabetta Scaglia, engineer expert in fire prevention, thanked Marco and Promat by highlighting this link between science and human responsibility. “Today you gave us both emotions and culture. Thank you because you share with us your research and knowledge. Through your narrative and presentation style, you have combined the technical and scientific part, with emotion and pathos”.

Promat will continue to support and sponsor high-quality seminars where experts of the fire safety community come together to share their knowledge and inspire a new generation of “fire fighters”.

“These are important moments of training and exchange of experiences, to create together a true fire culture”; concluded Michele Castore, Fire Prevention Manager of the Milan Fire Brigade.

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