Fire protection and thermal insulation for industrial applications

Our calcium silicate products have been the industry benchmark since 1958. These superior products maintain their structural integrity in extreme circumstances, withstanding temperatures up to 1,100 °C. Calcium silicate fire protection and thermal insulation protect lives and assets, save space and energy and improve processes and efficiency.



Reliable blast and impact protection

Our DURASTEEL® calcium silicate boards are covered in perforated galvanized steel, making them a solid base for a wide range of barrier systems for hydrocarbon and pool fire ratings, blast resistance, and protection against liquid glass and metals.

Promat Monalite Calcium Silicate insulation parts


The insulation board for the Aluminium industry

MONALITE® high density calcium silicate insulation boards are designed specifically for use in aluminium casting, the foundry and furnace industries, and other process industries. MONALITE® can withstand peak temperatures of 1,000 °C and is ideal for contact with molten metals.

Promat Monolux calcium silicate insulation


Insulation for load bearing applications

MONOLUX® rigid calcium silicate insulation boards are perfect for load bearing and structural high temperature applications. MONOLUX® combines a high mechanical strength and excellent thermal and electric insulation at high temperatures and can be provided with a water-repellent coating.



The decorative panel for the Marine industry

PROMARINE® fire-rated decorative panels combine excellent fireproofing properties with effortless design. They were created specifically for furniture, walls, cabins and decorative linings in marine applications. Our PROMARINE® calcium silicate boards are MED certified and USCG approved.



Lightweight insulation for furnaces

PROMASIL® lightweight calcium silicate boards have excellent thermal and mechanical properties, making them ideally suited for high temperature applications, especially in all types of furnaces. PROMASIL® is available as boards, pipe sections, segments and cut sections, and is easy to machine and install.



The versatile fireproofing and insulation boards

PROMATECT® medium density calcium silicate boards are rigid and self-supporting, with excellent thermal and fireproofing properties. PROMATECT® materials offer reliable protection against high temperatures and fire, and are easy to cut, shape, and install.