Sustainable Future


Sustainable Future

Expertise and cooperation yield a successful project A thorough preliminary study and existing experience with the technology provided a good foundation for the project. An engineering team was also put together, where the expertise of Promat and European Building Materials Operations (EBMO) certainly contributed added value. This group of eight experts, along with the phased approach to the installation, allowed the project to be completed within the planned term of one year. Smooth execution thanks to cooperation and safety The installation of Line 5 also required a move in the factory: existing installations had to be relocated. Due to the necessary earthwork, for a long time the hall destined for the new line was converted into a building site in the middle of the factory. A lot of attention was devoted to safety, and everything possible was done to ensure the continuity of the other activities in the factory. The installation proceeded thus rapidly and mid-September 2010 was a milestone in the course of the project: that's when the first board was produced on the 5th production line. In short, the value of this project is not only that it strengthens Promat's market position, but above all that it is an excellent example of teamwork and exploiting cross-divisional synergies.

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