Thin and lightweight high-performance insulation

Promat’s high-temperature insulation solutions are designed for use in the most challenging conditions. Our insulation ensures that what’s hot stays hot and what’s cold stays cold. Our materials offer an excellent thermal and structural stability, high resistance to thermal shock, limited thickness and reduced weight.

That’s why renowned companies around the world rely on our sustainable solutions for many different types of industrial applications. Our range of thin, lightweight, flexible, rigid and pourable materials are space-saving and easy to cut, ship, install. Together, we can design the most efficient thermal solution for your needs.

Benefits of Promat high-temperature insulation

Minimise heat loss, maximise energy efficiency, increase the capacity of your application or reduce its weight or size by using Promat’s industrial insulation solutions. Our know-how and engineering expertise enable us to develop the most practical and effective solutions that offer you the best time-cost optimisation.

By creating stable thermal conditions, you will improve operations, process control and product quality, while reducing downtime for maintenance and repair. Our thin and light materials are flexible to work with, giving you more design options than ever before.

Workshop services

If you are dealing with a challenging fire protection project, our workshops are able to machine or manipulate our full range of products to meet any specification. Our in-house workshops offer CNC routing and cutting, water jet and laser cutting, coating, shrink-wrapping, heat-sealing under vacuum, cutting and stamping of laminates, and manipulation.

<p>Curious to see what we can do for you? Do you have a challenge for us to solve?</p>

Curious to see what we can do for you? Do you have a challenge for us to solve?