Products & Systems

Promat offers you a complete range of products and systems to design and build the passive fire protection solution you need. All our solutions are fully certified and tested. Do you need help to make the right choice? Don't hesitate to contact our technical sales team for expert advice. 


Promat offers a full range of products for passive fire protection.


Promat produces one of the most complete and efficient ranges of boards on the market.

Spray Coatings

Promat spray coatings are used to protect steel, concrete or wood structures against fire.

Fire Stopping

Promat offers a wide range of products (bags, pastes, sealants and liquid coatings, necklaces, bricks, stoppers, sheaths, intumescent strips, etc.) which, thanks to their intumescent power, ensure fire performance on the surface of the hoppers ( expansion in contact with heat from 150 ° C).


Promat offers a full range of systems for passive fire protection.

Structural Protection

Promat offers a full range of board and spray products providing flexible solutions to meet a variety of installation and fire protection needs.

Fire Stopping

Promat provides a number of integrated and effective fire stopping solutions.

Assistenza tecnica Promat

Rivolgiti al nostro team di assistenza tecnica per qualsiasi domanda sulle soluzioni di protezione passiva dal fuoco, sui nostri prodotti e sistemi o per consigli di installazione.

Documentazione tecnica

Trova le schede tecniche dei prodotti, le brochure sui sistemi, le dichiarazioni di prestazione, i manuali di installazione e altri documenti che ti servono per completare il lavoro.

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