PLURATECT MARINE PLUS completes Promat's marine board portfolio

The PLURATECT MARINE range of Synthetic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate boards for marine applications is continuing to grow. After having launched the Pluratect Marine Light boards last year, Promat is now offering a more water repellent board: Pluratect Marine Plus.

Pluratect Marine Plus offers many of the same benefits of the Light boards – easy and clean installation, fully recyclable and sustainable boards – but is more suited for extremely humid environments, like galleys and bathrooms. The Pluratect Marine boards offer optimal fire, thermal, mechanical and moisture resistance performance.

“We have heard customers’ demands for a better, more environmentally friendly board and we’ve innovated our product portfolio to meet these changing customer requirements,” says Ilja Doroschenko, Head of Product Management at Etex Industry. “With this range, we combine improved product performance for marine applications with a recyclable product with a significantly larger production capacity.”

PLURATECT MARINE LIGHT and PLUS are part of an expanding portfolio of products developed for the marine industry, together with the recently launched Modular Interior Floor product.