Reliable fireproofing for demanding markets and appliances

Promat’s passive fire protection solutions are designed for use in the most challenging conditions. Almost all of our versatile materials are fully weather-proof, can be used in wet and damp areas and suitable for any application. They will offer you a reliable protection over many years of use.

For years, leading companies from many industries have relied on Promat for their fire safety challenges. From thin, lightweight and flexible materials and boards to rigid panels, sprays and seals, our materials are space-saving and easy to cut, shape and install. Together, we can design the most efficient fireproofing solution for your needs.

Benefits of Promat passive fire protection

Passive fire protection solutions from Promat offer an exceptional performance and high structural integrity, guaranteeing the highest level of fire safety for people, equipment and assets. As a technology leader, we have the most comprehensive portfolio of fire protection products available on the market. All our materials can be offered separately or combined in an engineered solution, and are rigorously tested to meet or even exceed stringent international standards.

Passive fire protection for different markets

At Promat we realise that each market segment has its own challenges. That’s why we offer our products
and services tailored to the specific needs of your market and organisation.

Workshop services

Workshop services

Workshop services

If you are dealing with a challenging fire protection project, our workshops are able to machine or manipulate our full range of products to meet any specification. Our in-house workshops offer CNC routing and cutting, water jet and laser cutting, coating, shrink-wrapping, heat-sealing under vacuum, cutting and stamping of laminates, and manipulation.