The right compromise between weight, safety and comfort on board

Combining fire, thermal and sound insulation systems for applications in the marine, railway or aerospace markets is a complex task. Make sure your passengers’ comfort is guaranteed by thoroughly insulating the different areas such as the entertainment areas, machinery compartments and the cabins on a cruise ship.

Whether it be for a new construction or for a retrofit, each case is different and only the right combination of insulation products will obtain the required performance. We help you select the most suitable products from our extended catalogue, based on thorough measurements and calculations to create an engineered solution combining fire, thermal and sound insulation. The final solution can be tested in our in-house testing facilities.

Benefits of Promat combined insulation systems

Fire, thermal and sound insulation systems should always be combined in such a way that they reinforce each other’s effects. This approach is much more efficient and cost-effective than considering each solution separately.

For example, by adding sound insulation to your passive fire protection and high-temperature insulation, you will be able to reduce the total thickness and weight of the combined insulation system.

We will help you find the best performing and thinnest certified solution for maximum comfort, safety and efficiency. The result is not only minimal extra weight and space consumption but also faster and easier installation and logistics.