The New Promat Structural Protection Calculator

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Your Fire Protection Solution

Your Fire Protection Solution

Your Fire Protection Solution

Welcome to the future of fire protection! Promat proudly presents our latest digital tool designed for architects, design managers, installers, engineers, and fire protection specialists. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned expert, our tool caters to your needs. Select Steel or Concrete and experience a user-friendly interface that leads you to results quickly. Plus, explore product pages and connect with us effortlessly.

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Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

The Structural Protection Calculator effortlessly guides users to find the ideal fire protection products for their projects. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation and straightforward selections process. 

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Clear, certified and reliable results

Define your project, and let the Structural Protection Calculator do the thinking. It delivers tailored results, presenting product information and data sheets that align perfectly with your needs, ensuring clear and precise solutions.

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Steel and Concrete Protection

Promat ensures every recommended product undergoes rigorous testing and earns approval for steel and concrete protection, providing certified passive fire protection solution for both steel and concrete structures.

Providing an easy selection of our products for your projects

Are you an architect or design manager looking to enhance your fire protection knowledge? Or perhaps you're an installer or engineer eager to explore the world of Promat? Our basic version of the digital tool is designed with you in mind. It's quick, easy, and user-friendly.

You won't be overwhelmed with questions; instead, you'll find clear explanations and helpful illustrations to guide you effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you'll receive your first result, and we'll provide you with links to relevant product pages. Need more information? Our contact point is just a message away. Get started today and experience the future of fire protection.

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Advanced version For Fire Protection Specialists coming in 2025

Advanced version For Fire Protection Specialists coming in 2025

Advanced version For Fire Protection Specialists coming in 2025

For fire protection specialists, the advanced version offers new and improved features that helps you work faster and gain an overview of the entire project.

The advanced version will include the following features: Multiple calculations, Bulk editing, and sharing options, Notification and active suggestions, Save progress and continue later, Easy Adaptation in case of an element change, More advanced step- by-step process

Exciting news – we've added Timber Protection to our advanced toolkit, ensuring comprehensive fire safety for all materials.