Passive fire protection by Promat

Passive fire protection

Certified industrial fireproofing that protects lives and assets

Make sure you reach the highest level of fire safety with a passive fire protection solution from Promat. Our fully certified materials are designed to protect people and assets against fire and blast in living and working spaces.

They range from thin, lightweight, and flexible materials and boards to rigid panels, sprays and seals, and can be used in wet or damp areas. Moreover, they are easy to cut, shape, ship and install. Discover how you can benefit from our more than 60 years of experience in fireproofing, consultancy, engineering services and support at all stages of your project.

High-temperature insulation

High-temperature insulation

For better, safer, compliant, space and energy saving equipment

Promat’s high-temperature insulation solutions are designed for use in the most challenging environments such as iron and steelmaking, aluminium production, industrial furnaces, glass and ceramics manufacturing, as well as applications in aerospace, railway and marine.

Our solutions minimise heat loss, maximise energy efficiency, increase the capacity of your application or reduce its weight or size. Our comprehensive range of thin, lightweight, flexible, rigid and pourable materials are space-saving and easy to cut, ship and install. Our worldwide team of experts will guide you through every step of your project.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation

We help you increase passenger comfort on ships, trains and aeroplanes

Promat’s sound insulation solutions can solve any challenge related to vibrational, structural, mechanical and ambient noise. All our solutions are tested and certified to the most stringent industry standards and can be used for simple and complex shapes and applications with limited space.

They can be combined with our solutions for thermal insulation and passive fire protection to maximise your performance level. Our range consists of ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible and rigid acoustic insulation materials, perfect for easy shipment, storage, handling and installation.

Combined systems for fire, thermal and sound insulation

Combined systems for fire, thermal and sound insulation

Enhanced efficiency by combining fire, thermal and sound insulation

By efficiently combining our fire, thermal and sound insulation systems you can drastically reinforce the benefits of each material. Optimise weight and maximise available space by using our integrated systems.

Our experts will help you select and combine the right materials for a solution tailored to all your fireproofing, thermal and acoustic needs. We will help you find the best performing and thinnest certified solution for maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.