Fire-rated components for fire doors: why promat?

When we enter into a partnership, we leave nothing to chance. Here is what you can expect from us:


Meer dan 60 jaar ervaring


Volledig assortiment van bewezen producten


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Betrouwbare brandbeveiliging met toegevoegde waarde

Fire door solutions by Promat

Betrouwbare brandbeveiliging met toegevoegde waarde

Met een passieve brandbeveiligingsoplossing van Promat bereikt u het hoogste niveau van brandveiligheid voor uw branddeuren. Ons brede assortiment van bewezen, geteste en volledig gecertificeerde brandwerende materialen, calciumsilicaat, microporeuze materialen en gipsplaten kunnen worden geïntegreerd in brandwerende deuren met houten, stalen en aluminium frames, liften, tunnels, explosie-, glas- en veiligheidsdeuren, rolluiksystemen en brandwerende profielen. Elk materiaal is ontwikkeld om mensen en goederen te beschermen in geval van brand in woon- en werkruimtes. Hun eigenschappen blijven zelfs na jarenlang gebruik stabiel.

Fire protection solutions for your door frame

Promat's calcium silicate range providesstructural integrity to a door frame, standing up to high temperatures and ensuring the frame doesn't buckle. PROMATECT-H is perfect for self-supporting applications due to its strong mechanical strength.
PROMASEAL®-PL, -GTand -HT have high expansion pressure to ensure that the door frame and door leaf become a solid barrier to the spread of fire and smoke. 
The full range of fire ratings are addressed through a flexible combination of Promat passive fire protection products. This gives fire door manufacturers a strong partner for design development, flexible offerings and a supplier with extensive experience.
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Fire protection solutions for your minute market

Promat locks our fire and smoke. With our PROMASEAL® intumescent offering, your lock encasement will adhere to fire protection standards and ensure a safe fire door system.
The possible solutions for lock encasements change depending on whether the door is wooden or steel. For steel doors, plasterboard alone can be used in the 30, 60 and 90 minute markets. In the 120 minute market, PROMASEAL®-LW and plasterboard combined achieve the required level of fire protection.
For wooden doors, the PROMASEAL® intumescent range has the required attributes for all minute markets. Some alternatives are possible, depending on the door design. This includes coatings inside the lock encasement.

From fire door frame to fire door leaf

From the door frame to the door leaf, from the door window to the door closer, our fire protection materials cover all elements of a fire door.
Interested in special fire doors, like tunnel doors, sliding door systems or lift doors and more?

Fire protection materials for a safe fire door closer

When your door closer is in-laid into the door leaf, either a Promat coating PROMASTOP®-CC or PROMASEAL®-LW is used underneath the closer, with other products from the PROMASEAL® range used on top.
With a door closer on top of the door leaf, no underlying coating or intumescent is needed, only on top of the door closure. With the exception of PROMASEAL®-LW, the rest of the PROMASEAL® range can be explored.
PROMATECT®-100 is also an alternative to using intumescent materials. This is a possible solution for the 30 and 60 minute markets in particular.
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Fire protection solutions for your fire door leaf designs

Our calcium silicate board range is often used in the door leaf. PROMATECT®-H is fantastic for providingmechanical strength and is often used in wooden door leafs.

PROMATECT®-T is also used, providing superior thermal insulation.  A popular choice for steel doors is PROMATECT®-100, and PROMINA is a structural board used in edge areas of the door leaf. This range of possibilities offers great choice to manufacturers. 
Intumescent strips often encapsulate a door leaf, with different types used depending on the door design. For example, PROMASEAL®-PL can be used underneaththe door leaf when the door design calls a very consistent and strong product with pressure upon expansion, for example in a steel tunnel door. 

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Workshop Services

If you are dealing with a challenging fire protection project, our workshops are able to machine or manipulate our full range of products to meet any specification. Our in-house workshops offer intumescent materials customisation, including PVC and adhesive lamination, cutting and stamping as well as assembly of custom solutions.

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Testing Laboratory

We are helping our customers innovate through our testing facilities to create a worldwide presence. We care about compliance an regulations when it comes to fire doors and as such as offering different testing such as fire testing, acoustic testing, simulation and etc. We currently operate six testing facilities in Europe and one in Australia. 

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