PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant. The advantage of this water based sealant is in making post installation and site clean up easier.

If installed correctly, once cured PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant should not crack and it can be simply overpainted. It has a good resistance to water characteristics and some movement capabilities. Note that: PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant is water resistant once fully cured. However, it is not recommended for external use. The sealant should not be used where continuous water immersion is likely. The sealant is not recommended for use in wet or damp areas where ambient humidity is consistently high, e.g. bathrooms. The sealant is not recommended for use in around services where high movement may be expected. It is not recommended for use around services that require more than ±15% movement. PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant is a vital component of most penetration seals and is used in conjunction with our range of firestopping products and systems. PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant is supplied in 300ml cartridges and 600ml foils.

Further Information


  • Cable Penetrations
  • Control Joints
  • Metal Pipe Penetrations


  • Low VOC
  • Water Based for easy clean up
  • Required for use with most other Promat systems
  • Up to FRL -/180/180 for penetration seals
  • Up to FRL -/120/120 for control joint protection
Dry Density (g/cm³): 1.8 g/cm³
Wet Density (g/cm³): 1.6 g/cm³
Solids Content (%): 86 %
Use Category: Y₁, Y₂, Z₁, Z₂
Colour: White
Shelf Life (months): 18 months
Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions: 3°C - 35°C; Shelf life of original sealed containers at least for mentioned period;
Storage Temperature Min (°C): 3 °C
Storage Temperature Max (°C): 35 °C


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